OGM 2017

Due to Motion 2 at NaSTA's AGM in April being postponed, the NaSTA Executive will be conducting an OGM on Monday June 12th 2017.


NaSTA OGM Minutes (June 2017) now available here


These are the motions being proposed:

1. Motion to define the NaSTA People's Choice Award Categories - PASSED

1a. Amendment: to define the NaSTA People’s Choice Award Categories - DOES NOT PASS

2. Motion to change the NaSTA’s Awards Categories - PASSED

2a. Amendment to “Motion to Amend the NaSTA’s Awards Categories” to remove on-screen awards defined by gender. - PASSED

2b. Amendment: to “Motion to Amend the NaSTA’s Award Categories” to add an Open Category - DOES NOT PASS

3. Motion to amend the NaSTA Award scoring criteria. - NOT APPLICABLE

If motion 2 passes then motion 3 will not be put to a vote because an updated version of this motion is contained within motion 2.


Please note, these are the key dates for the OGM:

  • Sat 27 May - Sat 3 June: Amendments open
  • Monday 5 June: Amendments published
  • Monday 12 June: OGM

Anyone apart of an affiliated station may propose amendments to any of these motions. Amendments must either ADD, DELETE or REPLACE parts of each motion, more information can be found on the recent blog concerning the GM. They must be proposed and seconded by 2 people in an affiliated station or on the exec. Amendments must:

  1. Make real terms sense (they can’t remove things that cause clauses to not make sense)

  2. Must be relevant to the motion

Stations will be invited to participate in the OGM through a call via Slack, and can sign up easily here: https://slack.nasta.tv/ All users will be able to participate in conversations and a group call in the thread, #ogm2017. 

For all technical queries, please email Technical Officer, Josh Hodgson at [email protected].

If your station would like to submit a proxy vote, please email [email protected]